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Leaders in Zero Liquid Discharge.

Using our VACUDEST wastewater evaporator you can separate clean water from your industrial wastewater.

Not all industrial wastewater is the same. Industrial wastewater can be contaminated with oil or heavy metals in addition to complex organic substances. It can be alkaline or acidic. And it must not be discharged into the public sewer system.The alternative: wastewater treatment. Flexibility is important when it comes to choosing a suitable industrial wastewater treatment plant. Only an adaptable industrial wastewater treatment system can respond to individual production needs and provide long-term, safe and effective benefits.

That's why we do not offer an off-the-shelf system - but a flexible wastewater solution perfectly tailored to meet customer needs.

Why Treat Industrial Waste Water? – Benefits

Professional disposal of your industrial wastewater is usually very expensive due to the large number of contaminants. And this is exactly where there is potential for savings: Modern, compact wastewater treatment plants for industry, such as vacuum distillation, treat the polluted industrial wastewater so well that it can be reused or discharged without any problems. And those who do not dispose of wastewater do not have to pay for it. So, due to this method of industrial water management, these plants usually pay for themselves in just a few years.

  • Enormous reduction in disposal costs
  • High quality of treated wastewater ensures reliable compliance with discharge limits
  • Wastewater-free production possible depending on technology and requirements
  • Sustainable footprint of your company

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The investment in a VACUDEST wastewater treatment plant for industry usually pays for itself within the first two years.

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No wastewater also means no pollution that can enter the environment and our waters. A good feeling for the protection of our world.

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You benefit in consulting, planning and execution from the more than 30 years of experience we have gained in various industrial productions.

Various methods of wastewater treatment

There are various processes for wastewater treatment in industry with different advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right process for you is often not easy. Therefore, here is a brief overview of the most common methods on the market:

  • Mechanical, such as filtration/membrane systems.
    • Mode of operation: Wastewater is freed from contaminants by water-permeable membrane or filter fleece.
    • Advantage: Treatment of large quantities of water possible
    • Disadvantage: Very high disposal costs due to large quantities of residues
  • Chemical, such as chemical-physical plants.
    • Mode of operation: Wastewater treatment by addition of chemicals
    • Advantages: Low investment costs, treatment of large volumes of wastewater with a high degree of contamination possible
    • Disadvantages: Chemical wastewater treatment process. Fluctuating distillate quality, very high operating costs and operating expenses
  • Physical, such as vacuum distillation systems.
    • Mode of operation: Wastewater treatment by energy-saving evaporation under vacuum.
    • Suitable for wastewater volumes from 200 to 30,000 cubic meters/year.
    • Advantages: High quality in the treatment of wastewater, little disposal residue, wastewater-free production possible, high economic efficiency: amortization within a few years, automatic system: minimal operating costs
    • Disadvantage: High investment costs

Waste Water Treatment Solutions for every Industry

For numerous process water classes, vacuum distillation is considered the best available technology and is already helping companies worldwide to realize wastewater-free production. That is why we have specialized in vacuum distillation systems. With more than 30 years of experience and trend-setting innovations for distillate and energy improvement we are one of the leading manufacturers for vacuum distillation systems on the market.

Especially companies of the following industrial sectors benefit from the sustainable and economic industrial wastewater treatment by means of vacuum distillation:


H2O Wastewater Treatment Solutions

With our VACUDEST vacuum distillation plant as the centerpiece, we already realize wastewater-free production for 7 out of 10 customers worldwide. However, our solution does not only include an H2O plant: We accompany you from the consultation, through the planning to the holistic wastewater solution, which is optimally and individually tailored to your needs. Our goal is your satisfaction. And that in the long term.

VACUDEST – Industrial Waste Water Treatment Systems

The VACUDEST vacuum distillation plant turns 100 percent industrial wastewater into up to 98 percent recyclable distillate and only 2 percent residue. This can be disposed of cost-effectively. The reduction in contaminated wastewater also reduces disposal costs by up to 98 percent. Due to these savings, the investment in the VACUDEST vacuum distillation system usually pays for itself in less than 2 years.

The clean distillate can be reused in the production process. New, innovative technologies enable such a high distillate quality that reuse is also suitable for demanding production processes - and all this in just one process step. When will you be wastewater-free?


Our VACUDEST vacuum distillation plants are ideally suited for the treatment of industrial wastewater.


This is how our wastewater treatment plant works

We take nature as our model: Here, the sun heats the seawater, the water vapor rises and condenses into clouds. The falling rain is free of salt and pollution. Vacuum distillation also uses this principle - only much more energy-efficient thanks to energy recycling. See here how the physical principle of vacuum evaporation works in the VACUDEST:


Your advantages of vacuum distillation with VACUDEST

  • Economical: The investment in VACUDEST wastewater treatment solutions for industry usually pays for itself within the first two years.
  • High treatment quality: Innovative technologies produce a crystal-clear distillate that is ideal for reuse in your own production.
  • Sustainable: No wastewater also means no pollution that can enter the environment and our waters. A good feeling for the protection of our world.
  • Small footprint: The VACUDEST is particularly compact. It provides efficient and safe industrial wastewater treatment in just one process step.
  • High operational reliability: The system runs fully automatically.
  • Individual and flexible: Your solution is individually tailored to your needs.
  • Reliable: In consulting, planning and execution, you benefit from the more than 30 years of experience we have gained in various industrial productions. That's why our solutions have been field-tested for a long time and are particularly reliable. We are leading experts and your manufacturer for water treatment plants

H2O plants and product extensions for vacuum distillation

For us, the perfect solution does not stop at the sale of a water treatment plant for industry. A holistic wastewater solution includes not only a detailed inventory, but also accessories such as piping, additional treatment steps and optimization tips for avoiding or reducing wastewater. We look at the big picture - you can rely on us and our solutions.

We are particularly proud of our innovations. Developed in-house at our wastewater-free production application center, these unique technologies provide users with real benefits, such as higher distillate quality, less operating expense, lower disposal costs and much more.


A COD reduction of 99 percent in the distillate is not possible? It is now: our Purecat sets new standards.


Swirling ceramic beads keep the heat exchanger clean from the inside: The self-cleaning heat exchanger ensures better heat transfer and reliably prevents blockages and deposits.


Replaces continuous neutralization and also provides better, more reliable results: Destcontrol technology is integrated in the VACUDEST and achieves constantly stable pH values in the distillate.

Vacudest ZLD

Even less residue, even less disposal costs: That's the ZLD post-concentrator!


Simple, clear and intuitive to operate - that is our Vacutouch machine control.

In Partnership for Optimal Wastewater Treatment

We attach great importance to a cooperative partnership. In our consulting services we pursue the goal of optimally integrating our industrial water treatment into your production processes. To this end, we analyze your processes and other requirements together. In addition to the quantity and composition of your industrial wastewater, many other factors have an influence on an optimally designed treatment for your application. In the further course of the project, we analyze your industrial wastewater in our application center for wastewater free production. Here, our team of experts simulates the process in the laboratory and enables the best treatment solution for your industrial wastewater. Thanks to this experience and all the knowledge gained, the best industrial wastewater treatment for your specific requirements is developed. This leads to a solution with added value:

  • more cost efficiency.
  • more process reliability.
  • more environmental compatibility.
  • more time to focus on your business.

Contact us for your individual wastewater treatment solution.

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VACUDEST distillation units

VACUDEST distillation units are ideal for treating industrial wastewater. They can be used in a wide range of industrial applications and can be scaled to suit any capacity thanks to a variety of sizes.

Your advantages

  • Space-saving complete system
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Industry 4.0 control capabilities
  • Low operating costs
  • Highest energy efficiencyn
  • Compliance with limit value

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