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Leaders in Zero Liquid Discharge.

Visual comparison of the distillate produced by a conventional evaporator with the distillate produced by a VACUDEST evaporator equipped with Clearcat technology shows, that the future proof Clearcat technology sets benchmarks regarding quality of the treated industrial wastewater.

State of the art technology from the experts for zero liquid discharge technology.

Industrial wastewater is often polluted with oil and fat, thus disposal into public sewer systems or open waters is not allowed. Instead, such wastewater must be disposed of expensively with specialized waste management companies. Even for modern wastewater treatment systems processing of such wastewater is a challenge.

To reduce COD and oil index of industrial wastewater far enough, that it either can be recycled to the production process or be disposed of into the sewer system, requires mostly complex multi stage treatment processes. In our future oriented application center for zero liquid discharge production we continuously work on progressive solutions. This includes the patented Clearcat condensation system. This functional group for our state of the art VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems allows processing of oily industrial wastewater in a single process step, efficiently and reliably. The quality of the treated water sets benchmarks and fulfills even highest environmental standards. In the meantime more than 70 % of the VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems supplied are equipped with the proven Clearcat condensation system (US Patent No.: US 8,206,558 B2).


The future proof Clearcat condensation system allows better reduction of the oil index than conventional evaporators combined with post treatment steps. 

More time for the essentials.

The innovative Clearcat condensation system captivates by its efficiency. In a single process step oily industrial wastewaters are treated reliably without any additional operating efforts. That provides more time for important tasks.

No operating costs.

The functional principle of the Clearcat condensation system is based on physical and catalytically effects, thus this state of the art technology neither requires additional energy nor auxiliary or operating materials. This allows you to improve the quality of the treated water without additional operating costs.

Low space requirement.

The Clearcat condensation system is integrated into the vacuum distillation system as a functional group from our VACUDEST Modular System. No space is required for additional post treatment of the distillate, thus you are saving valuable space for your production.

Quality you can rely on.

Other processes just reach the legal disposal limits based on additional equipment and processing steps, whereas the Clearcat condensation system sets benchmarks regarding quality of the treated water. Even highest environmental standards are kept. A valuable investment in a future worth living in.


* Depending on the type of industrial wastewater to be treated

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