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Our guidebook on the subject of "wastewater-free production".

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin already knew that 200 years ago. That is why we would like to share our expert knowledge with you: Here in our guidebook! On this page you will find informative explanations and interesting facts about wastewater, such as functional descriptions and comparisons of different technologies and processes. Practical and comprehensible. We hope you enjoy browsing and informing yourself!

The cleaner the rinse water, the better the pre-treatment. For the high-quality treatment of rinse water from a wide range of industrial productions, vacuum distillation has established itself as one of the most economical and sustainable methods. In case of H2O this also includes solutions for very high quality requirements and strict COD limits.

We cannot do everything. But what we do, we do particularly well. Our VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems are excellently suited for the treatment of a wide range of industrial waste water. For numerous process water classes, vacuum distillation is considered the best available technology (BAT) and is already helping companies worldwide to achieve wastewater-free production. However, vacuum distillation also has its application limits.

In der jetzigen Krise ist für Unternehmen jeder gesparte Cent Gold wert. Vor allem die Luftfahrt trifft die Pandemie mit ihren hohen Fixkosten schwer. Nicht nur ein paar Cent, sondern gleich eine viertel Millionen Euro sparen bereits führende Luftfahrtunternehmen durch die nachhaltige Abwasseraufbereitung mit VACUDEST. Wie das genau funktioniert, erfahren Interessierte in diesem Artikel.

Satisfaction and a little pride - this is reflected in the faces of the VACUDEST operators of the automotive supplier HQM Induserv from Saxony.

Since 1951, it has been a passion for high-quality SWISS MADE products that has turned CAPSA into a constantly evolving company that has successfully applied its unrivalled know-how to the service of the watchmaking industry. With 200 employees, a plant with over 400 machines including automatic lathes, a CNC machining centre, rework and assembly machines, CAPSA offers its clients a wide range of products and a great potential for production. CAPSA’s modern, efficient quality management system guarantees full implementation of the instructions provided by its clientele.

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