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Leaders in Zero Liquid Discharge.

We develop viable and sustainable solutions to enable you to create a zero liquid discharge production, thus future generations can live in a clean and healthy environment.

Good advice is worth its weight in gold. This applies to the new installation of a wastewater system as well as to the optimisation of an existing system. That's why our wastewater treatment plant consultants from the Application Centre for Zero Liquid Discharge place special emphasis on comprehensive wastewater consulting that keeps your needs precisely in mind. This wastewater consulting service contains three preferred methods:

1. Analysis of the wastewater situation

Thorough preparation forms the basis for a safe wastewater solution with which you will be satisfied in the long term. That is why, as an experienced wastewater consulting firm, we take a lot of time to analyse your needs and goals. 

  • Basic determination and inventory: We analyse your operational situation on site.
  • Recording of pollution loads with extensive laboratory analyses in the application-technology H2O laboratory
  • Optimisation of existing process and operational management
  • Limit values under licensing law: Which treatment achieves which success?
  • Drawing up a wastewater balance: Where can wastewater be avoided, where treated? Comparison of different wastewater treatments with advantages and disadvantages with a view to individual customer requirements such as quality, costs and economic efficiency, sustainability

More information about our wastewater consulting service

2. Planning of a wastewater system

Building on the analysis of the wastewater situation, you can have your wastewater system planned by our wastewater treatment plant consultants in the next step. The result of this planning is a detailed final report that will lead you to a wastewater solution that is perfectly tailored to you.

  • Creation of a wastewater concept based on the analysis of the wastewater situation
  • Possibilities of recycling
  • Balancing: economic efficiency, freight and cost analysis
    Preparation of documents requiring approval: With our many years of experience, we can support you with all the necessary documents required by the authorities

This is how our water treatment plant consultants plan your wastewater solution

3. Special wastewater treatment consulting for existing systems: Process optimisation

Improvements mean progress. Valuable resources can be saved not only in production, but also in wastewater treatment. With an optimised wastewater process, you save time, energy and costs. Our wastewater consulting team accompanied over 100 satisfied customers from all over the world to optimised processes. Now you too can benefit from this knowledge!

  • Basic determination and inventory: Our wastewater treatment plant consultants analyse your operational situation on site.
  • Recording of pollution loads with extensive laboratory analyses in the application-technical H2O laboratory
  • Optimisation of the existing process and operational management
  • Possibilities of recycling
  • Balancing: economic efficiency, freight and cost analysis
  • Alternative operating resources for process optimisation
  • Catalogue of measures for process optimisation in coordination with the operator

More information on process optimization


Your benefits from our wastewater consulting:

Guaranteed secure processes

Sound wastewater analyses form the secure basis for a reliable wastewater system that is perfectly tailored to your needs

Saves time and costs

Our wastewater consulting experts compare different wastewater solutions and recommend the one that suits you best.

Increases efficiency:

We take a holistic view of your process optimisation - from water use to the purifier to new technologies. So that your wastewater management runs as efficiently as your production.

Wastewater free, for the sake of the environment

Our vision is wastewater-free industry. We work towards this goal every day through innovative technologies, efficient wastewater systems and professional wastewater consulting services. Benefit from our more than 30 years of experience and become wastewater-free too!

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