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We won't let you down when it comes to financing your new wastewater treatment system either. Together we will find the optimal model for your company.

Your partner in every situation - together we will find the right financing model for your complete H2O solution
Normally, a modern H2O wastewater treatment plant not only offers considerable ecological benefits, but also saves users money from day one. The operating costs of a VACUDEST system are considerably lower than many alternative treatment systems or the disposal of the wastewater by a specialised company.

Although this balance hardly changes when the financing costs are included, for some companies the question of the right financing model still arises. Have you also already asked yourself how you can combine sustainability and economic efficiency in your production? Together we will find the best financing option for you.


Together with our renowned international partners, we offer you leasing of VACUDEST components. Leasing offers you the opportunity to invest without having to invest capital - equity capital and credit limit remain unaffected.
This results in a fixed calculation basis. Leasing instalments are fixed for the entire contract period. This allows you to calculate your costs exactly and pay monthly with attractive conditions.

Depending on the applicable national tax law, leasing instalments are generally immediately and fully deductible as operating expenses and customers invest in a balance sheet-neutral manner. The leasing instalments accrue parallel to the use of the leasing object and can therefore be financed from the income generated or even directly from savings. Your liquidity is spared and administrative expenses are reduced. This allows you to concentrate on your core competencies - leasing objects are recognised and written off in the lessor's balance sheet and not in the customer's.

With an H2O leasing model you are always up to date with the latest technology. Since the commitment to a leasing object is shorter or equal to the normal useful life, leasing also increases your ability to innovate. Depending on the leasing model, the VACUDEST system can be taken over completely or returned to H2O at the end of the period. In the latter case, a replacement with a newer model is possible without complications.

Hire purchase

H2O also offers direct financing of the property by hire purchase. In this case, you become the beneficial owner and account for the purchased asset (deviations may occur depending on national tax law). This model is offered either directly by H2O GmbH or by a renowned financing partner, depending on the term envisaged.

In this case, too, fixed monthly instalments are agreed in addition to a down payment. This allows you to calculate your monthly costs exactly and, if necessary, finance them from the income generated or even directly from savings.

At the end of the term, the VACUDEST vacuum distillation system becomes your complete property.

Rent with purchase option

For various VACUDEST systems we also offer a rental service. Such a lease is agreed (depending on the current offer) for a certain minimum period (from 6 months). In this case, the rental price includes maintenance costs already incurred (except wear and tear and damage). You only pay separately for assembly and commissioning.

This solution is particularly suitable for companies with existing peripherals (e.g. collection containers) and/or a capacity utilisation that is difficult to plan, so this rental model is not offered for all types of plant.

The rental property remains the property of H2O GmbH for the entire rental period. After the minimum period has expired, you can decide on several options:

  • Extension of the rental of the VACUDEST system
  • Purchase of the system at a preferential price
  • Return of the VACUDEST solution without further obligations


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