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The optical COD comparison of distillate samples in the laboratory: green stands for a lot of COD, orange for little. The lighter the orange colour, the less COD is in the distillate. On the left the process water before treatment, in the middle the distillate treated with Clearcat, on the right additionally with Purecat.

Treat oily industrial wastewater even better now.

The contamination of industrial wastewater with oils and greases causes problems for companies again and again. This wastewater must not be discharged into the sewage system and its disposal often costs the company a lot of money.

For years, we have been working on the continuous improvement of distillate quality in order to provide our customers with sustainable recycling. Our new innovative Purecat™ technology is another milestone on the way to wastewater-free production with VACUDEST.

Thanks to the add-on module for our vacuum evaporators, the distillate sets new standards in many respects. Already with our patented Clearcat technology, our customers treat the wastewater in their production processes so well that the COD* value is 60 % better than with conventional vacuum distillation systems.

With the addition of the Purecat™ module, COD levels can now be reduced by up to an additional 50%. This means that the Purecat™ can be used for recirculation in almost all industrial sectors.

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More time for the essentials.

Stop worrying about cost-effective and sustainable wastewater disposal. With our VACUDEST Purecat™ systems, you reduce your wastewater volume to a minimum and can easily reuse the treated water. Using Purecat is simple and saves you a lot of time, unlike high-maintenance activated carbon. Time that you can use for more important things!

Reduce costs and protect the environment sustainably.

Process your used wastewater optimally so that you can easily recycle the recovered distillate. In this way, you reduce your disposal costs by up to 95 % and also conserve our valuable freshwater resources. Thanks to Purecat, almost all industrial sectors can now produce wastewater-free!

Top quality you can rely on.

Where other processes barely meet the legal discharge limits with a lot of additional equipment and operating effort, our Purecat technology is also impressive in terms of the quality of the treated industrial wastewater. With our new module, you can be sure of complying with even the strictest limits set by the authorities.

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