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Leaders in Zero Liquid Discharge.

For the optimal treatment of wastewater, our team works on the optimal solution day after day. Our experts from the application technology and engineering departments always have the individual customer's needs in mind.

Not all industrial wastewater is the same. Wastewater contains a wide variety of contaminants. This diversity of industrial applications requires individual adaptation to the wastewater treatment system. That is why we do not offer off-the-shelf wastewater technology.

Contaminated waste water from industry, such as used cooling lubricant emulsion, rinsing water from parts cleaning, electroplating can be treated efficiently and safely in one step with our technologies. The dirty water is evaporated with the VACUDEST system in a cost- and energy-saving way. 100 percent contaminated process water becomes 95 percent clean water suitable for reuse. Types of wastewater from selected industrial sectors can be treated in quantities from 200 cubic metres to 30,000 cubic metres per year.

Suitable for use in all sectors - efficient reuse of industrial waste water

Over 1,700 satisfied customers from a wide range of industrial sectors are the reward for our more than 30 years of experience with the changing, high demands of our users. We successfully apply this expert knowledge, for example, in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, the household appliance and electrical industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry or in specialist disposal companies from the recycling industry. By treating industrial wastewater with VACUDEST, these various industries make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

Individual & cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment thanks to suitable modules

To ensure that an optimal and individual solution for the treatment of wastewater remains affordable, we have developed the VACUDEST modular system. This modular system allows you to configure exactly the right industrial wastewater treatment for your individual requirements from over 3.5 million options. During the planning phase, our application centre for wastewater-free production analyses the wastewater produced in your plant. The defined analysis result forms the basis for your optimal wastewater treatment system. Then the appropriate components are selected from our modular system. This modular principle is unique on the market and offers you a decisive advantage: a treatment system for industrial waste water that is perfectly adapted to you and your needs.

Another bonus for this process: If something changes in your production and thus also something in the wastewater produced, the VACUDEST system can react flexibly to it. Thanks to the modular principle, many adjustments can be made with little effort. With us, the treatment of your industrial wastewater is in the best hands, even under changed conditions.

What kind of waste water do you want to treat? Read here which special advantages you will benefit from in your production.

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