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Processes accumulating waste water
Our guidebook on the subject of "wastewater-free production".

Industrial waste water - as individual as industrial production itself

Industrial waste water is the polluted water generated by industrial processes. Depending on its source, it is contaminated with a wide variety of pollutants and must be treated before being discharged into public supply networks.

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Hardening shops can minimise their disposal costs through double recycling.
Our guidebook on the subject of "wastewater-free production".

How hardening shops can significantly reduce their disposal and operating costs through double recirculation

When replacing quenching baths in the hardening shop, there are two cost-intensive challenges: Wastewater containing salt must be disposed of at high cost, and the salt that is lost due to salt carry-over must be added at high cost. The innovation team of H2O GmbH has therefore developed a new technology for vacuum distillation that enables a double circulation for both water and salt. This considerably reduces disposal and operating costs.

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Case Studies

Die-casting production at SEW USOCOME: "We are equipped for the future and now we are also completely wastewater-free".

Innovative and space-saving evaporator technologies from H2O GmbH can achieve a high treatment quality for wastewater contaminated with mould release agents and cooling lubricants.

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New H2O film - The vision of a wastewater-free industry

Great things need great visions. That is why we work day after day with our customers on the vision of a wastewater-free industry. This trust pays off...

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How does industrial waste get into water systems and what are its effects?
Our guidebook on the subject of "wastewater-free production".

How does industrial waste get into water systems and what are its effects?

How much of the world's water pollution is caused by industry? A very considerable amount. Industry accounts for about 20 per cent of the fresh water withdrawn worldwide. This water is used in production and becomes polluted.

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Innovative leader in technology

We are the leading producer of vacuum distillation systems for the treatment of industrial wastewater for the metal processing industry, automotive industry, aviation industry, machine building industry and many other industrial sectors.

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Our experts are continuously working on the further development of our VACUDEST systems. Thanks to our advanced technology, we will also find the right solution for your production. Treat your wastewater sustainably and reduce your costs to a minimum. In this way, you not only protect the environment, but also your wallet.

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...we develop technical solutions

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...we support our customers

German Engineering

"German Engineering"  German Flag stands for highest quality and reliable solutions, providing wastewater management systems you can rely on any time.

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We accompany you in partnership to the individual solution. With the experience of our experts and the analysis of your industrial wastewater, we select the best wastewater technology for you. And even after installation, we don't leave you on your own: our Costumer Care quickly and competently ensures plant availability that you can rely on.

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The use of our system provides real benefits: wastewater-free production with vacuum evaporation from VACUDEST conserves fresh water resources, saves up to 95 percent in disposal costs and keeps your operating costs very low. The process recycles your process water in a single step, without chemicals. You have more space in your production and more time to concentrate on the essentials.

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