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Surveys and workshops involving our most experienced customers defined user requirements for the day to day operation of vacuum distillation systems. These valuable information was an integral part during development of our innovative operating concept. This explains why our new Vacutouch control system is highly valued by our customers. It corresponds to what machine operators expect: Simplicity.

New: Industry 4.0 on the Vacutouch machine control system

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Ensuring high product quality in the shortest possible time requires new solutions: Digitalisation and automation, or in other words: Industry4.0. That's why intelligent analyses are now available on the Vacutouch machine control system, enabling long-lasting high system availability, maximum machine efficiency and less maintenance downtime through continuous optimisation suggestions and predictive maintenance: our new Smart Service Cockpits. Discover Industrie 4.0 up close and personal on our Vacutouch machine control here!

Optimized system availability, highly comfortable.

An intuitive control system saves time and money. Thus we developed our Vacutouch control system to be easy and self-explaining to operate. It shows operation modes of the VACUDEST vacuum distillation system fast and comprehensible. For optimized system availability.

More time for essentials.

The innovative Vacutouch control system is operated right at the clearly structured touch screen monitor. Here you can see at once which preventive routine controls and maintenance activities are due. As extensive studies of the operations manual is not necessary any longer you can concentrate on more important tasks.

Know immediatly if something is wrong.

The alarm system will send you either an e-mail or a SMS error message, thus, in emergency, you can react quickly, no matter where you are.

Direct analysis for quick solutions.

Our  e-service system allows cost effective and fast system diagnosis through the internet. Our experts can directly get access to your evaporation system for trouble shooting. In 8 out of 10 cases on site deployments are not necessary any more. Thus you reduce down times and increase system availability.

Optimized treatment system with low operation costs.

The 12-month data storage allows extensive analysis of the system operation. Process parameters can be optimized at anytime. For increased efficiency in your production.

You can find more information about VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems here...

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