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Even radioactively contaminated process water can be safely treated with our VACUDEST vacuum distillation plants. The clean distillate can be discharged directly.

The energy sector is in a state of transition. While nuclear power plants are being decommissioned, more and more energy parks for renewable energies are being created. At the same time, it was decided to shut down all coal-fired power stations by 2038. In many of these areas, wastewater is produced that is contaminated with salts, radioactivity, acids and detergents, for example. Do you have heavily polluted wastewater of this type? We have your solution. With our innovative VACUDEST systems we are your partner for the sustainable and economic treatment of your process water.

An example: The dismantling of nuclear power plants. Complying with limit values and protecting the environment

During the dismantling of nuclear power plants, the various plant components and work equipment must be cleaned of dirt and radioactive residues. Clean deionised water with various washing-active substances is generally used for rinsing. The resulting dirty water is not heavily polluted, but the volume, on the other hand, poses great challenges for power plant operators.

As long as the nuclear power plant is in operation, enough waste heat is generated to operate its own evaporators to separate the radioactive particles. In the decommissioning phase, the decontamination water is treated by efficient vacuum distillation plants. The VACUDEST vacuum distillation plants have established themselves as an economical and reliable solution here. The distillate is free of salt and heavy metals and easily complies with the limit values for radioactivity. The concentrate often corresponds to only 0.5 percent of the original wastewater quantity and is usually conditioned in drum drying plants for intermediate storage. Numerous energy companies already rely on this efficient solution.

Further application possibilities:

Our vacuum distillation plants not only support the dismantling of nuclear power plants. VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems also help in the production of new, modern energy technologies. For example, process water from the production of photovoltaic cells and batteries can be treated reliably and safely.

Would you like to find out more? Our competent team from our application centre will be pleased to advise you on your individual wastewater.

Possible types of wasterwater: 

  • Radioactive rinse water from decontamination
  • blowdown water from cooling towers
  • Process water from solar cell production
  • Process water from battery production
  • Flushing water from the overhaul of gas turbines (see aviation)
  • and many more

Your solution could look like this

Our experts for wastewater-free production always work with you to develop the optimum VACUDEST system for your company. From around 3.5 million different variants, we will develop exactly the right solution for you. In addition to the important collection tanks for process water and distillate, other components can be used for pre- and post-treatment. With various pre-filters and a neutralisation system, the wastewater is optimally prepared before the actual distillation. The final distillate control ensures that your wastewater has a stable high quality after evaporation. You can therefore be sure that all limit values for discharge into the sewer are observed.

Our innovative technologies: Clearcat, Purecat, Destcontrol as well as Activepowerclean ensure that the highest quality standards and long-term reliability are met. This means you benefit from the highest level of process reliability at all times. An additional exhaust air scrubber ensures clean air - because without odour pollution you can concentrate on the essentials.

The example of efficient wastewater treatment shown here can treat up to 1,500 m³ process water per year.

Would you also like to produce wastewater-free in your company? With our VACUDEST modular system you get exactly the technology you need. This creates the perfect solution for you. Please contact us!

Your benefits at a glance

  • Support in official approval procedures
  • Consulting & wastewater analysis by the H2O application centre
  • Individual solution for your process
  • Space-saving turnkey system
  • Low operating costs thanks to maximum energy efficiency
  • Low operating efforts thanks to fully automatic operation
  • User-friendly Vacutouch machine control (Ready for Industry 4.0)
  • Reliable compliance with internal and external limit values

For more advantages of the VACUDEST vacuum distillation units please follow the link.

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VACUDEST distillation units

VACUDEST distillation units are ideal for treating industrial wastewater. They can be used in a wide range of industrial applications and can be scaled to suit any capacity thanks to a variety of sizes.

Your advantages

  • Space-saving complete system
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Industry 4.0 control capabilities
  • Low operating costs
  • Highest energy efficiencyn
  • Compliance with limit value

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