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Sustainable and high-quality: New wastewater treatment saves 1 million litres of water per year


Sustainable and high-quality: New wastewater treatment saves 1 million litres of water per year

Our customer, who assembles and coats high-frequency connectors, wanted a sustainable wastewater treatment system that requires minimal operating effort and whose treatment quality is sufficient to enable recycling of the electroplating wastewater. Based on positive experiences at another branch in the group of companies, the customer once again opted for a sustainable VACUDEST vacuum distillation system with innovative modules that would met the quality and sustainability requirements. Already in the first year after implementation, the company saved over 1 million litres of fresh water by using this modern technology. 




Our customer assembles and coats high-frequency connectors and cable assemblies for mobile and telecommunications, industrial measurement technology, automotive, medical and industrial electronics, data technology and aerospace technology.

  • Sector: Electronics and high-frequency technology
  • Type of waste water: Electroplating waste water
  • Size of the company: Active worldwide operations 
  • Location of VACUDEST: Germany

Customer quote

"In times when fresh water reserves are becoming increasingly scarce, everyone should think about this type of treatment."


Initial situation

Previously, the rinsing water from the galvanic surface finishing process was processed using conventional chemical-physical treatment with precipitation, flocculation and filter presses and the resulting waste water was discharged into the sewerage system after a further, energy-intensive UV treatment. This method was very labour- and cost-intensive and is dependent on discharge controls and permits. After the permitted discharge volume could no longer keep up with the wastewater volumes produced, other treatment methods were sought.


The aim was to reduce the amount of work and waste, minimising costs and staff requirements and reuse the water in the most environmentally friendly way possible. As a VACUDEST vacuum distillation system with recirculation has already been used successfully at the subsidiary plant in China, the experts at H2O GmbH were also approached for the next project.

The project began with an analysis of the customer-specific process water in the laboratory of H2O GmbH's application centre for wastewater-free production. The result: "Yes" to  the implementation of a wastewater-free electroplating at Rosenberger. This is because the desired high distillate quality and waste quantities of less than 4 per cent were achieved with vacuum distillation technology.

Sicher, wirtschaftlich und mit hoher Qualität: Das kompakte Vakuumdestillationssystem VACUDEST M 1.500 erfüllt alle Anforderungen.

Safe, economical and high quality: the compact VACUDEST M 1.500 vacuum distillation system fulfils all requirements.


Destcontrol technology was also used to provide additional protection against fluctuating pH values in the distillate. This module integrated into the VACUDEST can be applied wherever constant distillate quality is required for circulation. The Destcontrol is particularly suitable for alkaline or slightly acidic water. It replaces conventional, continuous neutralisation. The pH value is not measured in the feed as in conventional evaporator systems, but in the purified distillate. If the pH values change here, neutralising agent is dosed directly into the VACUDEST evaporator sump for correction. Any potential post-reactionsthat occur, which could cause damage to the system, are compensated for. A consistently stable distillate quality is achieved. Ideal for safe discharge or recycling. 

Destcontrol technology replaces continuous neutralisation and ensures a stable pH value in the treated water

Destcontrol technology replaces continuous neutralisation and ensures a stable pH value in the treated water.

Advantages through our solution


From 100 percent wastewater, 98 percent clean distillate is produced, which can be reused in your processes: You realise a wastewater-free production and thus make a valuable contribution to the protection of our environment.


Our innovative technologies enable safe compliance with limit values. The treated water impresses with excellent quality that you can always rely on.


Our high-quality systems require hardly any manpower, save operating resources, and reduce disposal costs enormously. Therefore, our systems often pay for themselves in less than 2 years. After that, you save up to 10 million euros in 10 years.



After the first year in operation, our customer draws a positive conclusion. The VACUDEST M 1.500 for the safe treatment of rinsing water from electroplating production processes (e.g. electroless nickel, gold baths) fulfils the company's requirements both economically and in terms of the quality required for recirculation.

How vacuum distillation works

Vacuum distillation plants work on the simple principle of separating substances according to boiling point differences: The industrial wastewater is evaporated under a reduced pressure at a temperature of only about 80 degrees, instead of 100 degrees as at atmospheric pressure. All substances that have a higher boiling point than water remain in the evaporation residue. This includes heavy metals, salts, but also oils, fats or surfactants. Because the water content is evaporated, the volume of the residue from distillation is reduced to 0.5 to 5 per cent of the original wastewater volume. The rising steam, also called vapor, is almost free of impurities. After condensation, it can be returned to the production as clean process water.

Learn more about vacuum distillation

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