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Cada vez más empresas están aplicando instalaciones de destilación al vacío para el tratamiento del agua de lavado en el pretratamiento de pintura.

Many metal and plastic parts that we encounter every day are painted. By painting, these parts are sealed and protected against external influences such as rust, weather or sunlight. Usually, there is always a pre-treatment which consists of  numerous pre-treatment processes due to the different parts to be painted., The parts must always be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the painting has got a long shelf life and fulfils its purpose

Rinsing water treatment is becoming more and more important in paint pre-treatment and it has become an indispensable, quality-critical production process in the recent years. For this reason, more and more companies are using vacuum distillation plants for the recycling of rinsing water.

Vacuum distillation is the state of the art technology for the circulation of rinsing water

No matter whether iron phosphating, degreasing or nanoceramics – today vacuum distillation plants are the state of the art technology for the treatment and recycling of rinsing water from paint pre-treatment. Depending on the processed material and the desired corrosion protection of the intended workpieces to be painted, a special pre-treatment process might be recommended. Once the process stages, chemistry and water quality requirements have been determined, a suitable treatment system can be planned. Not only the size and type of evaporator are selected, but also the necessary components such as containers, neutralisation equipment, ion exchangers and reverse osmosis systems.

The goal of a process water technology is always a reliable and automatically working system: The paint pretreatment must not fail due to bad or fluctuating water qualities in the circulation system.

The concept developed by H2O GmbH based on the latest technology provides a very simple, flexible and modular system which is suitable for a wide range of possible coating processes. 

Possible types of wastewater:

  • Degreasing water (alkaline, neutral or acidic)
  • Rinsing water from iron phosphating
  • Rinsing water from zinc phosphating
  • Rinsing water from the pickling plant
  • Rinsing water from the chromium-free conversion
  • Rinsing water from nanoceramics (zirconium-containing chemistry)
  • Liquids containing blasting agents
  • Wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors

Your solution could look like this

In our application centre for wastewater-free production, our experts have been continuously developing innovative technologies for over 30 years, which decisively improve the quality of the distillate. You can rely on our complete solutions, which are always individually adapted to the needs of your production.

In addition to the various containers that are explicitly provided for your process water, the VACUDEST vacuum evaporator (in this example a plant for up to 4,500 m3 per year) forms the heart of your complete solution. Equipped with our most important technologies, such as ClearcatDestcontrolActivepowerclean and the VacuCIP rinsing device, your system is prepared for the occuring wastewater. Thanks to our sophisticated system, you will receive crystal-clear distillate that reliably meets all quality requirements at a very good, constant level. These and many other technologies make our VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems unique on the market worldwide and guarantee you the highest quality in surface technology processes.

For further concentration, the use of our VACUDEST ZLD is recommended. The downstream evaporation stage allows a further reduction of the residual water content, which will again significantly reduce your disposal costs.

Additional post-treatment stages can make sense in individual cases. Therefore, we will be pleased to support you with an ion exchange, reverse osmosis, activated carbon or an UV treatment system.

Which components you finally need in your production depends strongly on the composition of the rinsing water. Contact our experts and together we will find the right solution for your production.

Click here for the benefits of the VACUDEST vacuum distillation unit.

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Unidades de destilación VACUDEST

Las unidades de destilación VACUDEST son ideales para el tratamiento de aguas residuales industriales. Pueden utilizarse en una amplia gama de aplicaciones industriales y adaptarse a cualquier capacidad gracias a una gran variedad de tamaños.

Sus ventajas

  • Sistema completo con ahorro de espacio
  • Funcionamiento totalmente automático
  • Control Industria 4.0
  • Bajos costes de explotación
  • Máxima eficiencia energética
  • Conformidad con los valores límite

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