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... Vincent Egmann. He is not only an H2O veteran with his 21 years as Sales Area Manager France East, he also has a special hobby: he is a beekeeper. Why are we telling you this? It's the bee's birthday! Or to put it another way: 20 May is World Bee Day! Did you know, dear readers, that besides the well-known honey bee, there are about 30,000 species of wild bees? And that they are all essential for pollinating a large part of our plant food?

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… A mischievous grin on his face and a snappy saying on his lips: that's Leon Grigoleit. He used to cheer up our corona-ridden spirits in Steinen with his dry humour - now our sales engineer has moved to Kunshan to work for our Chinese subsidiary for the next 3 years. Why and what it's like there in times of Corona, he tells in the interview.

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Bettina Böhringer

+49 7627 9239-201


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Carles Fité
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Thomas Dotterweich
Senior Sales Engineer

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