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Los Expertos en Vertido Cero de Aguas Residuales.

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We will tell you! Visit our exciting lecture on the 12.10.22 at 3 pm GST+1 in Hall 4, Booth B26 at parts2clean in Stuttgart! Here we will show you that a high cleaning quality does not automatically result in high costs. The solution is simple: Efficient waste water treatment!

…The effects of world politics are currently being felt by everyone. Not only increased energy prices, but also the procurement of material has become a challenging task for industrial productions. For our employee Kai Bornschein, this challenge is part of his everyday working routine: in the Service Logistics department, he fights for a timely delivery to our customers, procures materials and ensures that our customers have the optimal solution on site as quickly as possible. How he masters this challenge and what his hobby has to do with his work, he tells us now in the interview.

... Markus Bardzinski is not only a flesh-and-blood salesman, he is above all our expert for wastewater solutions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. As a sales engineer, he has been able to get to know the most diverse applications in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry in over 20 years and has been supporting our customers for almost 4 years to achieve optimum wastewater treatment with VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems at its core. He explains the advantages of wastewater treatment using vacuum evaporators for chemical and pharmaceutical companies in today's interview - and at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt! Come by; we look forward to meeting you!

Do complex substances require complex treatment methods? No. Because vacuum distillation combines the safe separation of substances from chemical-pharmaceutical process wastewater with high efficiency and process reliability. And all this in a single and very compact designed unit: our VACUDEST vacuum distillation system...

Many sewage treatment plant facilities struggle with non-degradable micropollutants in their effluent. These trace substances can consist of a large number of synthetically produced substances that have negative effects on aquatic organisms or directly on human health if drinking water is obtained from the waters. Therefore there will be a tightening of the monitoring values for industrial wastewater for these substances in the near future...

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Bettina Böhringer

+49 7627 9239-201


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Carles Fité
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Thomas Dotterweich
Senior Sales Engineer

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