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Los Expertos en Vertido Cero de Aguas Residuales.

En nuestra sede de Steinen, hemos puesto gran énfasis en la fabricación sostenible. Con nuestro sistema fotovoltaico, producimos suficiente electricidad para cubrir casi por completo nuestras necesidades de producción y para abastecer nuestro parque de recarga electrónica para los empleados y el público.

Sustainability has been one of our most important corporate principles since the beginning of H2O's history. We think long-term, are aware of our responsibility for people, society, the economy and the environment and want to contribute to a better world. Every day, we look for the best solution to actively drive necessary changes.

Sustainable success for over 30 years

For more than 30 years, we have been carrying our vision of a wastewater-free future into industry. We are proud that already seven out of ten H2O customers are wastewater-free and thus contribute significantly to a clean environment.

Climate change, restructuring within the automotive sector and the digital transformation are major challenges that will certainly increasingly affect us in the coming years. However, we see this primarily as an opportunity to develop new innovative solutions for our existing customers, but also for new industries. That is why we are intensifying our efforts and will continue to invest in our research and development projects in the coming years.

Taking responsibility is a matter of course for us

In addition to our responsibility for our customers, we also have an entrepreneurial and social responsibility for our employees. They work with passion and heart and soul on the implementation of our sustainability strategy and thus ensure not only our economic but also our ecological successes.

At our production site, we also pay attention to the most sustainable corporate management possible. Above all, our extension building in 2018/2019 has enabled us to once again take further important measures. In addition to modernised workplaces for our employees, the construction of our charging park for e-cars was also an important step. With the new photovoltaic system, we can already supply this, as well as our production, almost completely with self-produced electricity. We are very proud of this and we hope to be able to make many more important and right changes.

Transparency as the most important asset

Transparency is also a key factor for us. We want to inform our employees, customers and partners regularly about our goals and the current status. To this end, we publish our comprehensive sustainability report every year. You can view the result here in PDF form.


Download PDF:

H2O Sustainability Report 2022

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