Los Expertos en Vertido Cero de Aguas Residuales.

August 12th was International Youth Day. For us, this is a good opportunity to say thank you to our youngest: Thank you, trainees! You not only learn from us, but we also learn from you. You bring fresh, new ideas to the company and support us in our daily work. You are our future. It's good to have you here!


When I was a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian. You wanted to be a firefighter?

No, professional soccer player. I played for 12 years, also in the premier league. But it wasn't enough to become a professional.


Influencers are a popular profession among young people at the moment. Why aren't you one?

(laughs) I'm already active on social media, including YouTube, but especially on Instragram. I know my way around it quite well. But to make a living from it, you'd have to put too much time into it. And it's not that easy to earn real money with it these days. There are simply too many already - and too many who want to become one.


And that's why you chose the very down-to-earth profession of industrial clerk?

Yes. For a long time, I didn't know what I wanted to become. I only wanted to continue with sports in my free time, and in my job, it was important for me to be able to work independently. A good mixture of calm at the PC and active customer contact.


You've been with us for a year and have already settled in well. How was the transition from freedom of school to hard working life for you?

The first few months were exhausting. The afternoons in particular are long - you're not used to that at school. But in the meantime, it's going very well!


What has been the best thing you've learned here so far?

That's actually something quite general. You learn a lot through contact with different people - colleagues and customers. It's fun to talk to people who really know something and share it with you. That way I can learn from their experiences, too.


What else do you want to learn?

I want to understand the many complex interrelationships, acquire deeper knowledge. I would like to learn so much that I can answer technical questions on my own and don't have to ask so many questions.


What would you get up for in the middle of the night? mean besides going to the bathroom? (laughs) Most likely for fitness. When I was still in Cologne, the gyms were open at night - I thought that was great.


If you had a few wishes: What would they be?

- ... that there would be no more diseases. Health is the most important thing.

- ... that there is no hunger and no one has to worry about money.

- ... that people place more value on inner values, the world is too materialistic.

- ... that people learn to be happy more often. That we all go through life more positively and are satisfied with what we have.


Really? That humble? No wish for you?

(laughs and thinks for a long time) Hm... if it still has to be something materialistic: A house by the sea would be great. My grandma had one. It was so nice to wake up in the morning and look out at the sea.




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