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Zero liquid discharge production in vibratory grinding.

Rinse water from vibratory grinding processes ca be contaminated with heavy metals, oils and, depending on the process, even a variety of chemicals. It cannot be discharged into the public sewer system, and usually requires to be disposed of with specialized waste management companies expensivly. But there are alternatives: Vacuum distillation with VACUDEST evaporators is an economical, resource-friendly method for treating this industrial wastewater. It conditions the vibratory grinding wastewater in such a way that it can be reused in the process.

This is made possible by patented innovations and modules from our application centre for zero liquid discharge production. The technologies developed here produce such a high quality result that the distillate can easily be recycled.

The latest innovation is the patented Clearcat technology. It also reliably separates emulsified oils, ensuring a crystal-clear distillate. The perfect water for circuitry.

The Destcontrol technology is another interesting innovation. It is particularly used for slightly acidic water with a pH value of between 5 and 7. Here, the pH value is measured directly in the purified water, and the lye automatically metered out into the evaporator to adjust the pH value. The result: A consistently stable pH value in the treated water.

Read here about the technologies which convinced our customer Harting to try a VACUDEST evaporator.

vacudest-m1500-bei-harting-bereitet-prozesswaesser-aus-drei-Gleitschleiflinien-auf The new VACUDEST M 1.500 Clearcat treats process water from three vibratory grinding lines.

„State of the Art“ Recycling of Waste Water from vibratory grinding die casting emulsions

HARTING Technology Group invests in most modern VACUDEST Clearcat Technology

The HARTING Technology Group is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking, as well as in manufacturing, mechatronics and software creation. The Group uses these skills to develop customized solutions and products such as connectors for energy and data transmission applications including, for example, mechanical engineering, rail technology, wind energy plants, factory automation and the telecommunications sector. Quality of products is secured by a high degree of automation in the manufacturing process. HARTING owns machines for precision injection moulding, high precision contact manufacturing, precision die casting and fully automatic powder coating and cable manufacturing including related testing equipment.

The protection of the environment is an essential part of the HARTING company policy for years: “To manage a company economically also means to us, that we take our social responsibility seriously. Therefore HARTING committed itself early to create ecologically friendly processes and to sensitize its employees to this standard.”

Important part of the environmental goals was to save the valuable resource fresh water. Together with the expansion of a vibratory grinding line an existing chemical physical plant for the waste water treatment should be replaced by a more modern treatment system. The new waste water recycling plant should not only save fresh water, but should also guarantee a complete effluent free manufacturing process as well as more reliability in the manufacturing process.

vacudest-vakuumverdampfer-s750-in-china Due to proven reliability of the VACUDEST S 750 in their production facilities in China the Harting Group of Companies decided.

Hans Peter Dähn, responsible for production engineering and Gerald Feichtinger responsible for the housing manufacturing work shop started the project. When looking for reliable and approved technology one thought of the VACUDEST plant which has been installed by H2O GmbH in the die casting work shop in Espelkamp. Since four years ago, a VACUDEST 120 is treating process water from die casting and degreasing processes. Later, another VACUDEST was installed to treat water from a vibratory grinding process in the new HARTING work shop in Zuhai, China. Due to positive experience with these plants regarding reliability and process stability a inquiry for the new project was sent to H2O Steinen.

The innovative VACUDEST Clearcat Systemfrom H2O GmbH

The innovative Clearcat technology, based on physical and catalytical processes, achieves drastic hydrocarbon reductions. No consumption materials or chemicals are needed, thus the Clearcat is extremely feasible and maintenance friendly. Even though expensive active carbon and maintenance intensive residual oil adsorbers are not needed any more the distillate leaves the VACUDEST Clearcat vacuum distillation unit crystal clear and virtually free of oil. The distillate can either be reused in the work shop or disposed off into the public sewer.

Process water treatment with a VACUDEST Clearcat evaporation plant

At the end of the selection and engineering phase HARTING took the decision in favour of the new Clearcat technology. The manufactured parts are painted right after the rinsing and drying process. No additional treatment is foreseen, thus the distillate, used for the rinsing process, must be free of salts and oils. This requirement can only be met by means of the innovative VACUDEST Clearcat technology from H2O GmbH.

Another requirement to an evaporation plant treating process water from vibratory grinding processes is the tolerance against abrasion particles from the grinding tools.

This is another advantage of the VACUDEST evaporators. Since there are no rotating parts, like for instance a circulation pump, in the plant, no wearout at gaskets will take place.

Activepowerclean Technology

Activepowerclean-grinding balls con-tinuously clean the inner surface of the heat exchanger, preventing formation of coatings and incrustrations reliably.

To ensure excellent heat exchange, due to clean heat exchanger surface, H2O offers Activepowerclean (APC). This innovative technology ensures cleaning of heat exchanger surface by means of grinding balls during the evaporation process. Thus chemical cleaning is reduced to a minimum and capacity stays on a high level constantly.

The new design of the VACUDEST was well received. But the new evaporators do not only look good, the new design is very ergonomic and optimises maintenance and repair-friendliness. Two swinging doors allow easy access to the main maintenance area, where all important parts and sensors are located. Thus everything can be checked on the first sight and regular checks can be done easily.


The new VACUDEST M 1.500 Clearcat treats process water from three vibratory grinding lines. The recycled distillate fulfils the high requirements regarding purity and can be used for the rinsing process prior to painting. Since no water is disposed of into the public sewer any more no controls from the water authorities are necessary any more. Running and maintaining the VACUDEST takes little effort only. Less than one hour per week is needed.

Production manager die casting (Harting) Thomas Pfau, responsible for the VACUDEST in the die casting process: “Everything goes smoothly. The VACUDEST-evaporators run fully automatic, reliable and cause no problems. The H2O service is excellent and the H2O staff is very friendly.“

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