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Zur Abschreckung von Werkstücken werden salz- und ölhaltige Wassergemische verwendet. Neben den Abschreckbädern selbst, müssen im Prozess auch große Mengen an Spülwässern aufbereitet werden.

Hardening and subsequent quenching and tempering is considered as an essential process for influencing material properties. A process which influences the material structure through rapid temperature changes. In order to achieve the necessary rapid cooling/quenching, the workpieces are exposed to different media. In addition to pure water with appropriate additives and oils, salt baths serve as a suitable quenching medium in particular. Due to an enrichment with various impurities it is necessary to exchange the baths periodically. In addition to the discarded baths in this process, large quantities of salty rinsing water from the subsequent cleaning of the parts are arising.

Sustainable wastewater treatment: recovery of valuable resources of all kinds

Due to the continuous discharge of salt solution adhering to the workpieces, significant amounts are lost over time. These losses in the molten salt usually must be compensated by new salt at high costs. Therefore, the recovery of the valuable hardening salts is often the main focus when treating rinsing water from hardening shop applications.

We offer you the suitable solution for this: Our VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems separate the hardening salt according to type and make it available in a sufficient concentration for the reuse in the salt bath.

The purified distillate from the evaporation can also be reused for further rinsing processes or it can be discharged into the sewer at low cost while complying with all limit values. We support you not only in the realisation of a wastewater-free production, but also offer you a complete recycling also with regard to the resource hardening salt. Profit from greatly reduced operating costs and reduce your disposal costs to a minimum.

When designing the appropriate wastewater treatment system, we rely on our many years of experience and competent application technology experts. These experts will  design the optimum system based on wastewater analyses and they can also help to optimise customer processes.

Find out more about the work of our application centre for wastewater-free production.

Possible types of wastewater:

  • Hardening salt baths
  • Rinsing water containing hardening ice salt

Your solution could look like this

As in the example shown, a complete solution for up to 600 m³ per year, the rinsing water reaches the VACUDEST with the help of an automatically controlled pump. The wastewater is evaporated and optimally treated for your purposes.

Our integrated Activepowerclean technology constantly cleans the system, preventing the formation of deposits and ensuring optimum system availability.

The entire fully automatic process is visualised, regulated and monitored by our Vacutouch control system specially developed for this purpose. An additionally installed air conditioning unit as well as fans and air coolers guarantee optimal temperature conditions, completely independent of external influences.

Are you already thinking about sustainable wastewater treatment in your production? Our experts will be happy to support you to find the right system for you.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Sustainable recycling of rinse water
  • Reuse of salt concentrates
  • Consulting & wastewater analysis by the H2O application centre
  • Individual solution for your process
  • Space-saving turnkey system
  • Low operating costs thanks to maximum energy efficiency
  • Low operating efforts thanks to fully automatic operation
  • User-friendly Vacutouch machine control (Ready for Industry 4.0)
  • Reliable compliance with internal and external limit value 

Descubra ahora :
Unidades de destilación VACUDEST

Las unidades de destilación VACUDEST son ideales para el tratamiento de aguas residuales industriales. Pueden utilizarse en una amplia gama de aplicaciones industriales y adaptarse a cualquier capacidad gracias a una gran variedad de tamaños.

Sus ventajas

  • Sistema completo con ahorro de espacio
  • Funcionamiento totalmente automático
  • Control Industria 4.0
  • Bajos costes de explotación
  • Máxima eficiencia energética
  • Conformidad con los valores límite

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