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... Brigitte Schwarz is almost part of the inventory with more than 16 years of service. Now she's back from her second parental leave, is returning part-time to her original job in marketing and talks about her experiences of flexible working.


Brigitte, welcome back from parental leave! Are you happy?

Thank you. Sure. It's nice to have some normality again, especially after the lockdowns. I'm looking forward to seeing many familiar faces again and working on many exciting projects again. 


What is more exhausting? Work or children?

Good question. It depends. Actually, I really enjoyed the time at home with my two. We were outside a lot and in the garden, which was great. But they also kept me very busy.
In the office you have completely different challenges, e.g., the noise level in the office is much more pleasant, but you move less, and are exhausted in the evening anyway.


During your parental leave you also worked a few hours a week from your home office. What do you think is better: do you prefer working in the office or from home? 

Definitely prefer in the office, because I can work more hours at a stretch and get more done that way. Although that's probably more down to the number of hours than the location. But I think it's great that we can and are allowed to work so flexibly here. Sometimes it's just great to be in a home office.


You actually have a 100 % job, but now you're going back to work 70 % part-time. What will happen with the remaining 30 %?

Before my first parental leave, there were two of us working full-time in marketing. Now there are three of us: 100, 70 and 20 per cent. So, we are almost back to full power. No one gets bored and we complement each other well and appreciate each other's strengths. I am happy to have such a great team.


Such a long tenure with the company must mean something. You love your job in marketing, right? What do you like best about it? 

For one thing, it's incredibly nice to work for a company that does something good for the environment. Especially as a mother, you want to pass on a good world to your children. And so, I also have the feeling that I have contributed something to it. Environmental protection is simply a big topic and it's fun to deal with it anew every day.
I also like my job so much because it is never boring. I like getting up in the morning and coming here. Of course, there are tasks that are repetitive. But many things are new or constantly changing.
My favourite thing is planning big events, whether it's a visit by a federal minister to H2O, which we've already had, or a summer party for 250 people. I think that's really good.
I find it particularly exciting when we have new trainees and I show them everything we do in marketing. Most of the time they are surprised, they had often only limited it to the website and trade fairs, but there is so much more, which you often don't see at first glance.


Now something private to finish:

What was the nicest compliment someone once gave you?

Actually, there were two compliments I liked to hear, one more private and one more business-related:
"I admire that you solve many situations with the children so intuitively and beautifully".
"With you, I just know that you always have everything under control and can manage."


What would you get up in the middle of the night for?

My boys, of course, and to go on holiday.


If you had three wishes: What would they be?

Healthy and happy family and friends.
More time and money for great trips with the family.
And of course, a better world for future generations.


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