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In conventional vacuum distillation systems, the pH value is configured at the point of intake, i.e. before the actual distillation. This approach has the drawback that the increased concentration of substances during evaporation can trigger subsequent chemical reactions that change the pH value in the evaporator heat exchanger. This often results in a reduced selectivity of the evaporation process, which in turn causes the deterioration of distillate quality, including e.g. increased electrical conductivity, a high degree of organic pollution and an acidic pH value.

With H2O's Destcontrol pH controller, the pH value is not measured at the point of intake, but rather where it really matters: in the purified distillate. If the quality changes there, the lye dose necessary for correcting the pH value is added directly to the VACUDEST evaporator sump. In this way, any occurring reactions are offset, leading to the corresponding improvement of distillate quality.

With H2O's Destcontrol pH controller, you get:

  • A constant pH value of the purified water

Regardless of the pH value in the intake area, Destcontrol ensures that the acid/alkaline (pH) balance remains constantly where it really matters: in the purified distillate.

  • Top distillate quality

Thanks to the optimum regulation of the pH value, selectivity during evaporation is improved considerably. Conductivity and organic pollution values are kept at optimum levels.

  • Process safety

As an operator of a wastewater treatment system, you are responsible for observing certain boundary values. H2O's Destcontrol pH controller gives you the peace of mind that your purified wastewater is fully compliant with the applicable thresholds. Enjoy the positive feeling of making an important contribution to our environment!


Destcontrol can be used anywhere it is necessary to guarantee a high-quality distillate in recirculation management. Destcontrol can replace conventional flow-through neutralization systems in the scope of paint pre-treatment, in die-casting applications and other weakly acidic water treatment processes or be used to improve quality in galvanic rinse water and other strongly acidic water treatment processes.

You can find more information about VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems here...


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