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With VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems you recive a salt-free distillate whose high quality allows it to be reused even in sophisticated cleaning processes.

Vacuum distillation with VACUDEST: The perfect solution for salty industrial wastewater.

A salt-free distillate whose high quality allows it to be reused even in sophisticated surface technology processes: This is the result of our VACUDEST vacuum distillation system. Patented, unique innovations ensure you can safely uphold any limit values. You can count on it. Read our customer experiences for yourself.

No company applying electroplating likes having to deal with the issue of “wastewater”. But what happens when authorities take samples of the wastewater unannounced, and finds the nickel Limit has been well exceeded? A horror scenario resulting in a lot of stress, work and expense.

Impurities such as welding slag, oxide layers, heat tinting, external rust and metallic components injected into the surface through mechanical processes are removed ...

Rinse-water reconditioning is increasingly gaining importance in paint pre-treatment, and has become an essential, quality-defining processing step in recent years. It is for this reason that more and more factories are using vacuum distillation systems ...


Whether it be household rubbish, construction rubble, contaminated soils, port sludge or waste incineration ash, final storage of these heavily contaminated materials poses a potential groundwater pollution risk from heavy metals, nitrogen bonds or organic ...


Rinse water from vibratory grinding processes ca be contaminated with heavy metals, oils and, depending on the process, even a variety of chemicals. It cannot be discharged into ...


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